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Signature Programs

One:One Nutritional Coaching

4 one:one sessions // $749

Start on the path towards better health with 1:1 private coaching working directly with an experienced holistic nutritionist and health coach. We’ll address root causes while repairing and nourishing imbalances so that you can begin healing using therapeutic nutritional & lifestyle strategies as part of a personalized plan customized for your unique needs.

My body started changing for the worst because of age and bad habits. FEW VERY, SMALL AND EASY TO DO changes recommended by Andrea CHANGED my life. Much more energy, I lost a lot of fat, I sleep better and improved my productivity 10x. Discipline is everything but if you don’t have the RIGHT expert guiding you will be trying forever. Kudos to Andrea.

- Theo -

After suffering a debilitating ankle injury, I was no longer able to walk without limping or pain. It was recommended that I proceed with Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy. PRP injections use each individual patient’s own healing system to improve musculoskeletal problems. I knew I needed the best chance for success, which is why I consulted with Andrea at Nutrition Commission.

She helped me marry the healing process with a strict anti-inflammatory diet. She counseled, advised and supported me through the entire process. I am so happy to say that within 2-3 weeks of my procedure I was able to finally walk my dog again!! I cannot thank Andrea enough for helping me understand how important nutrition is in the process of how we heal and regain our strength. With the advice of Andrea and her extensive knowledge, my body was able to focus on what it needed to do – HEAL!

- Heather -

Changing one’s diet would seem easy enough…eat more fruits and vegetables and stay away from white carbs and sugars. But actually making that behavioral change is hard to do on your own. That is why I contacted Andrea for assistance to help develop a nutritional plan that catered to my needs and wants. Her approach was informative and simple to follow, and she was accessible and responsive in answering my questions. I appreciated that she checked in with me and offered encouragement, not judgment, on my progress. Five weeks into the program, I have achieved my weight loss goal, have sustained levels of energy throughout the day, and enjoy making healthy food choices. If you bring the willpower and discipline, Andrea will help you find the right ingredients for success!

- Janet -

I enjoyed working with Andrea. She is knowledgeable in providing nutritional advice, capable of listening & offering a comprehensive point of view that guided me through challenges in my life. Andrea’s savvy experiences in the corporate world also makes her very valuable to professional women especially when we are facing struggles and downturns at work. I feel she was dedicated and committed to help me to become a better person not only physically but mentally. I would recommend Andrea if you are looking for a life & health coach.

- Jill -

I engaged with Nutrition Commission in an effort to learn more about living a healthy lifestyle and also to lose weight. From the get-go I found Andrea’s enthusiasm and passion unparalleled. Having been overweight my entire adult life, I realized I needed something more than a diet, something different. I needed to change my perception of food and self-care. Andrea’s methodology was a perfect fit, focusing not only on healthy, realistic food choices and menus, but simple movement and overall self-love and self-care – something women in particular may find challenging.

To date, I have lost 70 lbs and have since gone vegan, however the techniques and coaching Andrea provided laid the foundation for a simple, yet effective plan for living a sustained healthy lifestyle. I eat clean, balanced meals – something she helped me learn. I shop smart, I read every label, something she reinforced. I stay away from processed foods, sugar, fast good and limit oil consumption. I meditate and do yoga. I spend time in nature and treat myself to the salon. I put myself first and have learned to love myself and my body and treat it with respect.

I still have a few lbs to go and I am working on toning but I attribute my success to date, not only myself, but to Andrea. She is a fantastic life coach and had it not been for the foundation she helped me lay, I would still be struggling with obesity and slowly killing myself with unhealthy choices and patterns. I am eternally grateful to Andrea.

- Deanna -

I began working with Andrea after being diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis…Over the 5 week Program she provided essential education on the nutrients necessary to fight inflammation, meal plans and specific vitamin and mineral recommendations.

I have been able to lose weight, have more energy and feel motivated to continue on with my healthy eating lifestyle. The group class discussions were helpful in providing support and ideas to improve healthy eating on the go and with picky family members.

- Christine -

I honestly don’t know where I’d be today if I didn’t meet Andrea!

At the time I started this program I was having the worst bowel issues of my life! The doctors, the specialists, even the emergency room couldn’t give me any relief or signs of hope. I literally went into a hypovolemic shock because my body was completely depleted off all nutrients. After just the first week of this class I discovered that most things I thought I knew and what the doctors have told me my entire life was all a lie!!! I was eating what I thought was healthy and the right drinks/foods to get me better but I was continually getting worse.

Andrea took so much time with me, and lots of patience, to help me understand what my body truly needed and within the first week I saw huge improvements! I was finally able to keep food in my system! I slowly gained my energy back and was able to function through life again! But this program is so much more than just telling you the right foods to eat. She literally tells you how to live a healthier life over all. From foods, to dealing with stress, to what you are cleaning with and exposing yourself to and so much more.

She provides so much information I now have a full binder I can reference back to. There are lots of hands on experiences to make sure you really know what you are doing and going through the program with other ladies helped me not feel alone.

I 110% recommend everyone going through this program. (Even my husband and kids have adjusted their lives by seeing me go through this). Don’t wait, like me, until you are desperate and fearing death! Learn from her now!!! I promise you won’t regret it!!!

- Marlena -

Andrea was a wealth of valuable information that I needed and couldn’t wait to absorb. Between multiple cervical surgeries with referring nerve damage resulting in almost daily chronic pain and inflammation, arthritis in my knees from sports injuries and 6 knee surgeries in my 20’s and just getting older … I needed some holistic, smart intervention for my aging body. This biggest tool for my new toolbox is understanding the power of daily green juicing to rid the body of inflammation. It is not a hype.

Andrea also helped me give weight to the products I use in my home and art studio daily. The toxicity is real. I’ve been most consistent with my supplements, green juices and more veggies in my daily life and I can feel the difference. Even though we are intelligent enough to understand we are what we eat” Andrea’s program helped me understand the scientific WHY behind it all and that helped make it stick.

I’ve lost a little bit of weight but that’s not as important as the simple fact that I feel better. If I slip up during travels or company coming into town – I know exactly what to do to get myself back on track !!

- Crystal -

Experiencing health challenges is hard with Lupus and figuring out a path to meaningful and sustainable change is even harder! Andrea has been fantastic to work with – she has allowed me to develop a strong foundation of knowledge so that I can be empowered to make better decisions from day to day. I cannot believe what a difference adding green juice made in my energy level!

She helps you to be mindful that developing healthier habits is a process and to be kind to yourself. Finally, she takes a holistic approach, which spans from practical tips for a busy lifestyle to finding peaceful moments to refocus.

She is a huge support and has, for the first time, made major health style changes feel realistic to me which is so important so I can be proactive about my autoimmune disease.

- Catherine -

Freedom from Pain + Inflammation

5-week Small Group Coaching Program // $497 + Supplement Cost
Low-grade chronic inflammation, if left unaddressed, can create pain, digestive discomfort, brain fog and weight gain. It can also become a gateway for chronic diseases such as cancer, autoimmune disease, diabetes and even heart disease, among others.

Intro Programs

Cancer Repair + Prevention

eBook, 5-day meal plan & recipes // $55

Cancer has affected almost every family in some way with more than 1.25MM people diagnosed a year. As a breast cancer survivor since 2016, I understand the overwhelm associated with having to change your diet while also dealing with a chronic, life-threatening disease. Being diagnosed can be the most traumatic event in our lives. That’s why I’ve created this evidence-based eBook and 5-day anti-cancer meal plan to help you with your next steps for fighting breast cancer.

Reducing Pain + Inflammation with Diet for Autoimmune Disease

eBook, 5-day meal plan & recipes // $55

Autoimmune diseases (AD) include roughly 80-120 different groups of related conditions due to a hyper-immune state that begins attacking its own organs, tissues and cells.  As AD progresses, it worsens digestive health, creates hormonal & blood sugar imbalances. This eBook gets to the heart of AD and empowers you to take action to reduce your pain and improve energy through your diet and lifestyle so you can regain your health again.

Anti-inflammatory eBook recipes

eBook, recipes // $10
My Anti-inflammatory ebook is filled with delicious and easy to make recipes that will introduce healthy dishes designed to stabilize blood sugar and hormones while introducing balanced macronutrients and antioxidant-rich phytonutrients. All of my recipes are gluten-free, some are egg-free and all are nutrient-dense!

15-day, Anti-inflammatory Eating Program

Meal plans, shopping lists, recipes, eBook // $99
What does it really mean to eat in an anti-inflammatory way? How do I start? Learning to take those first steps can be daunting and prevent us from taking action! In this well-organized, 15-day eating program, you’ll receive everything you need to begin changing your eating habits with anti-inflammatory, low carb, and antioxidant rich foods that will calm and cool your body with needed nutrition.