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Hi! I’m Andrea and I’m so glad you made it here!

As an experienced certified holistic nutritionist and certified life coach, I have a passion for helping others with pain + inflammation improve their food and lifestyle choices so they can regain their health.

From my own breast cancer diagnosis and healing experience, it became my mission to take what I’d learned coupled with a desire to help others connect to the power of food as medicine. Why? Because it shouldn’t be so complicated when it comes to nutritious, wholesome eating!

This is my hope for you ~ Through Education + Motivation Comes Transformation. One Meal at a Time.


Addressing the root cause through my 4 pillars

Real Foods

Choosing foods that nourish our body and reduce inflammation.

Lifestyle Choices

Includes a commitment to daily movement, healing trauma and creating healthy boundaries.


Clearing toxicity from our body to restore balance and prevent illness.


Reducing stress and creating a positive attitude that healing is possible.

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