Meet Andrea

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As an experienced holistic nutritionist and certified life coach, I have a passion for helping others struggling with pain + inflammation improve their diet and lifestyle choices so they can restore overall health and wellness.

In the minutes, hours and days after we’re diagnosed, everything in our world is upended. We mourn for our ‘old life’ — a life free of worry or fear about tomorrow’s diagnosis or next week’s treatment plan.

I never would’ve guessed that weeks after discovering the joyous news that I was pregnant, I’d receive the worst possible news when I discovered a lump in my breast at week 30! “Yes, You have Cancer!”

For the weeks and months that followed, I went through hell figuring out how to fight breast cancer and undergoing treatments while also learning how to change my entire diet and daily habits. Despite the fear and overwhelm, I discovered a deeper meaning and purpose which allowed me to find hope in what lies ahead — the chance to live with more presence and to finally connect to the power of food as medicine. Connecting the dots to finally learn that ‘Eating for Healing’ is possible!

It was by no means an easy path for me, and I learned that it takes the right mindset and simple ‘wartime’ battle plan if we want to get our lives back from the prognosis we’ve just received.

This is why I’ve put everything I’ve learned into my programs and products, to make sure that you have the tools, real-time support and mindset shift that was often missing throughout my journey — the hope that it IS possible, and it CAN be easy for you, too.

Guess what? You can have a simple road to recovery with the right plan, where you can master ‘One Meal at a Time’ while you get healthy, tasty and nutritious foods into your daily routine with ease while Eating Well and Feeling Even Better!


"Learn how to live your most vibrant life with my simple strategies designed to help you make affordable, healthier choices as part of your everyday living!"

My Philosophy

I believe in leveraging organic, nutrient-dense whole foods for their functional + therapeutic benefits. Our nutritional choices can either feed disease or they can feed the pathways needed for repair, detox and disease prevention.

“Eat Whole Foods. Not too much. Mostly plants.”

While there is a time and place for targeted medicine, we need to remember that our body is a finely tuned machine, capable of repairing itself and restoring balance if given the right tools and consistency. The key to achieving health + wellness? I believe it lies in slowing down and listening to the messages our bodies are sending us when something doesn’t quite feel right. This requires asking questions that lead you down a holistic path to find the root cause; which includes paying attention to diet, lifestyle decisions as well as reducing our ‘total toxic load’ throughout our body from environmental factors, stressors, toxic relationships, thoughts and beliefs. When we seek to address these root causes we can ‘course-correct’ towards harmony and balance and ultimately, achieve true vitality and wellness!

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