One of the hidden issues in trying to get better, is the day to day toxins that are hidden all around us. From the pollution in the air, the products we put on our skin, as well as our plastic containers, cookware – and let’s not forget, all the herbicides, antibiotics, additives and preservatives rampant in our food.

These pollutants that end up in our body and ultimately in our liver and gut are so “foreign” to the way we metabolize and process, that these invaders set up a vicious cycle of inflammation, and greater toxicity, in our body contributing to unhealthy weight gain and chronic illness.

So how does inflammation work?

Inflammation is the immune system’s response to a harmful toxin or pathogen. Our immune system acts against these by removing and initiating the healing process. Inflammation is our body’s defense mechanism that is vital to health. Overtime, if we are constantly affected by stressors such as chemicals and toxins our liver also becomes overburdened and can no longer keep up with the demands to detox. So the toxins, cell waste, and excess circulating hormones (like estrogen!) can remain and recirculate or fail to be excreted in a good bowel movement. Making us more and more sick and driving us to a tipping point to illness.

However, immune system disorders can also occur. The immune response can also be directed against the body in an excessive way, or may even be lacking. This happens when we are constantly being bombarded with all these stressors and toxins which can over load the immune response and lead to the development of autoimmune diseases causing antibodies to form against the body’s own tissues.

So how can we best remove some of these toxins to support our health and reduce our risk? How can we begin to heal what has already happened? GREAT QUESTION!

  • Load up of anti-inflammatory foods – lots of GREENS!
  • Cut back or remove inflammatory foods (including preservatives and additives)
  • Make time to exercise – draw oxygen into the body
  • Manage your stress
  • Remove exposure to external toxins (plastics, shampoo’s, make -up, perfumes, laundry detergents, air fresheners).

Now this can look overwhelming to do but just begin with one thing and then move onto another, and then another, and then another.

Remember, I’m here to help. Just reach out.