It’s Time for Healing!

This 5-week small-group coaching program that answers your health questions while helping you to make sense of information overload so you can maximize your healing and reclaim joy for your life again!

No matter what condition you’re currently living with, the building blocks for creating and sustaining optimal health are actually very similar.

By joining the Freedom from Pain + Inflammation small group you’ll learn how to put into practice the key foundational pillars you need for healing.

You will learn how to ‘connect the dots’ for creating optimal health in your own life while making it your NEW reality all in a supportive and confidence-building group of like-minded women. You’ll be able to ditch the ‘diet mentality’ and move into a new mindfulness around food as your medicine.

During your transformative 5-weeks, I’ll be here to help you every step of the way by guiding you with key learnings from my own ‘war-time toolkit’ that allowed me to fight (flourish)journey through breast cancer and what continues to keep me in great health even today.

Freedom from Pain & Inflammation

Using my Foundational Pillars to Build Health + Vitality!

Begin your Healing Journey Today!

Healing is Possible!

These conditions are a good fit for working together!




Immune System



Blood Sugar Metabolism


Working together, I’ll help you achieve clarity around your healing goals that fit into what's most important in your life while creating a personalized plan that’s easy to implement and that fits your pace on the path to recovery.

What’s included in this 5-Week Program?

Freedom from Pain + Inflammation

“Changing your mindset, diet and lifestyle will result in radical changes in your health”

Here’s how the Program works:

Prep Work + Module 1:

Jumpstart   your Healing

Learn simple ways for adding healthier foods into your diet without deprivation so you can reduce pain, heal your body, and feel energetic vibrant again. Take back control with my Eating for Healing fundamentals including:
  • What to eat and avoid – and why!
  • Targeted portion sizes
  • Exposing our food industry and common diet myths
  • Disease-fighting foods to start incorporating
  • Access to my personal recipes and my beginner’s meal-plan
  • Answering your specific questions

Module 2:

Mindset   Matters!

Gain the confidence you need so you can take back control over your healing journey instead of your poor health being in control over you & your happiness. We address all forms of stressors in our mind and body and how they prevent your healing. Included in this session we review:
  • Your key beliefs and their health effects
  • Creation of your individual healing plan
  • Key exercises for reducing overwhelm
  • Determining your new morning routine for healing

Module 3:

Lifestyle Changes

Learn how to reduce the stress & worry associated with poor health so you can begin to feel empowered, at peace, feel present, and trust that ‘I can get better’.
  • Identify what’s helping or hurting you
  • Exploring reasons for change
  • Learn how to take action & live without fear

Module 4:

Detox Strategies

Learn which key systems and organs are involved in detoxing and how + why it’s critical to support these systems and organs for optimal health.

Rid yourself of daily exposure to inflammatory triggers for good with a foundational background on toxicity and methods to keep cleansing on a regular basis in a way that’s doable.
  • Stress
  • Nutritional Triggers & Deficiencies
  • Poor circulation
  • EMFs
  • Common Toxins

Module 5 and Summary:

Bonus : Immune-boosting Strategies

Boosting the immune system is an integral part of healing. We always focus on ‘food first’ with a need to understand how to integrate select supplements to address deficiencies.

As you gain confidence with food as medicine, you’ll also learn which targeted supplements could be included and how to incorporate daily green juicing to nourish your body and supercharge healing.
  • Key Immune Boosting Supplements
  • Green Juicing video demonstration that shows you specifically how to make my recipe at home

Weekly **LIVE** Group Coaching:

90-minute Sessions

So often people cannot make the necessary changes they desire without live support.

That’s why my small group program is able to help so many others just like you! I’m on the calls with you in real-time as your resource to help!
  • Stay motivated and engaged throughout the program
  • Connect with other women who are going through a similar journey
  • Build lifelong friendships in a unique, safe setting
  • Share lessons learned and key successes with others like you

BONUS 1:1 Session:

Private 30-minute Session

Find clarity in your situation and get my custom-tailored recommendations to help you heal faster with ease.
  • Get your questions answered in a private call
  • Schedule anytime during your 5-week Program

Experiencing health challenges is hard with Lupus and figuring out a path to meaningful and sustainable change is even harder! Andrea has been fantastic to work with – she has allowed me to develop a strong foundation of knowledge so that I can be empowered to make better decisions from day to day. I cannot believe what a difference adding green juice made in my energy level! She helps you to be mindful that developing healthier habits is a process and to be kind to yourself.
Finally, she takes a holistic approach, which spans from practical tips for a busy lifestyle to finding peaceful moments to refocus. She is a huge support and has, for the first time, made major health style changes feel realistic to me which is so important so I can be proactive about my autoimmune disease.

- Catherine -

I began working with Andrea after being diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis….Over the 5 week program she provided essential education on the nutrients necessary to fight inflammation, meal plans and specific vitamin and mineral recommendations. I have been able to lose weight, have more energy and feel motivated to continue on with my healthy eating lifestyle. The group class discussions were helpful in providing support and ideas to improve healthy eating on the go and with picky family members.

- Christine -

About me

Hi Friends! My name is Andrea and I’m a mom, a ‘recovering’ corporate exec, and a breast cancer survivor turned nutritionist. Since starting Nutrition Commission in 2018 it has always been my desire to take what I’d learned through my own cancer experience coupled with my strong passion to want to help others to connect with the power of food as their medicine.

Why? So you can also find healing from illnesses, discover freedom with food and overcome your own overwhelm with more confidence and control over your life again. I often hear my clients talking about how the changes they need to make can be:
  • too difficult to change ‘overnight’
  • That it won’t be long-lasting or it’s too hard to stick with it
  • It will cost a lot of money to buy the food I need
  • It’s too overwhelming
Changing habits may not feel like an easy thing to do, but within this Program you’ll have the structure, gain routines, all while keeping it cost effective and super simple so you can tackle one thing at a time and build a foundation to finally have more energy, reduce pain and GET YOUR LIFE BACK!

This is not a Quick-fix, Detox diet or
a ‘7-day Challenge’.

This is a holistic program to give you the foundational tools to begin to heal as a whole person, while being part of a community of like-minded wellness seekers facing similar challenges in search of understanding, connection and needed support.

This is my Mission:

Through Education + Motivation comes Transformation.
One Meal at a Time.

I can’t wait to meet you and create your safe place for healing.

Until Then My Friend,