Reducing Pain + Inflammation with Diet for Autoimmune Disease

eBook, 5-day meal plan & recipes // $45

This package will help get you back on track to living a life free of pain through reducing inflammation while teaching you how to live your best life despite your condition. In this material, you’ll understand the diet and lifestyle habits that fuel your symptoms while giving you the specific tools needed to finally breakthrough to get relief. This incredible value includes:
  • Comprehensive 18-page eBook that explains what autoimmune is, how it works in the body including other organ and system imbalances that fuel the condition,
  • Detailed evidence-based nutrients you need to eat and also avoid when addressing AD – and WHY! as well as best food sources and therapeutic considerations,
  • My 5-day anti-inflammatory meal plan to deliver targeted nutrition to reduce your symptoms,
  • 5 simple recipes to calm, cool and nourish your body,
  • BONUS: supportive and educational handout on resolving Joint Pain