Cancer Repair + Prevention

eBook, 5-day meal plan & recipes // $45

If you or a loved one is seeking targeted nutritional support for CANCER REPAIR + PREVENTION as part of a condensed, easy to understand ‘wartime’ toolkit that provides Education + Empowerment, then this package will definitely help you. Included in the materials you’ll receive are:
  • 11-page eBook filled with evidence-based education for fighting cancer including needed key nutrients, food sources to empower you with action (+ what to do to avoid cachexia or lack of appetite)
  • 5-day targeted meal plan for fighting the cancer process and reducing inflammation
  • 3 anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory recipes
  • Educational handout surrounding the connection between Sugar vs. Cancer
If you’ve experienced a recent diagnosis or are undergoing active treatments or perhaps are now ready to focus on recovery, this is a wonderfully condensed, how-to that will get you headed in the right direction.