Anti-Inflammatory Eating Program

In this 15-Day, Simple, Anti-Inflammatory Eating Program you'll receive all the tools needed to begin taking charge of your health. I've designed this program to be both nourishing and healing so you can start to reduce your pain and inflammation while also improving your energy! You'll receive all the tools you need to begin to understand how the body works, key foods to avoid and why, as well as a framework for health you can begin using today!  Included in your program, you'll receive:

  • 15-days Worth of Simple Recipes
  • 3-week Meal Plan
  • Meal Prepping Guides
  • Weekly Shopping Lists
  • Pantry Essentials Guide
  • My Digital Book: Understanding Inflammation - Foundational Protocol
  • If you need more help: 2, 45-min one: one coaching sessions available with the purchase of 'Option 2'

Small Group Coaching Program

In my Small Group Coaching Program, Freedom from Pain and Inflammation, you'll finally learn exactly 'What' you need to do to take charge of your health and wellness along with 'How' to do it in a simple, easy to follow framework using my holistic, science-backed approach in my 'Wartime Toolkit'.  This 'Wartime Toolkit' includes:

  • Nutrition following anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, autoimmune protocol principles
  • Detoxification to improve immune function
  • Mindset work to believe healing is possible
  • Lifestyle strategies to reduce your stress
  • Immune-boosting supplements
  • Green juicing 101 - how-to's
  • Private, 30-min coaching session to get all your questions answered

Come join other wellness warriors facing chronic illness or a recent diagnosis in a supportive group designed to foster change, courage and the ability to take healthy action to maximize self-healing.

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