Andrea’s Anti-inflammatory Recipes

eBook, recipes // $10

When I was personally diagnosed with breast cancer while 30 weeks’ pregnant, I knew I had to change my diet immediately to begin to feed my body nutrients to fight against the cancer process. But where do I start? What do I buy? How do I even make these new foods? Nothing tastes good! Changing my diet was extremely overwhelming for me and felt like a steep learning curve I would never conquer despite knowing that going back to my old way of eating was not an option!

After 9 months of much trial and error, things started to finally click for me as I started to create new habits and prepare delicious meals that actually tasted satisfying and also improved my own lab results. That was proof enough for me that ‘Eating for Healing’ was now birthed and I have been dedicated ever since!
In this eBook, you’ll receive my personal favorites that I eat consistently even today including:
  • Breakfast ideas
  • Salads + soup
  • Protein (dinner inspo!)
  • Bread + Desserts
  • Veggie-based sides
Eat Well and Feel Even Better!